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How to Delete Your MDBilling Account on Mobile App (iOS / Android)
Quick Add and Save Claims
How to Clear the Mobile App Data (Android)
Bulk Change
Mobile App - Data Sharing
How to Find New Service Code on Mobile App
Hospitalist Premiums (17%) - Service Code Count
How to Edit A Claim on Mobile App
Generate Payment Reports for Multiple Physicians (for Billing Agents)
What is a Patient Database?
What to do if Health Card Validation (HCV) is Offline
Manage your OHIP Payments from the Ministry of Health (MoH)
Revenue Report by Location or Shift
Tax Report
How to Generate An Outside Use Report
Add or Remove Physicians (Billing Agent)
How to Change Default Specialty
Difference between "Add Service and Submit (F11)" versus "Save and Submit (F12)"
Compensation Increase Report
How to Select The Service Location Indicator (SLI)
Time Unit Entry for Surgical Assistant Codes
How to Modify Referring Physician using Mobile App
How To Get Report And Sort Service Codes?
How To Correct EH2 (version code) Rejection On Mobile App?
How To See Paid Claims Submitted Through Other Software
Manual Review & RA Inquiry Instructions
Billing Profiles
Billing Profiles for Billing Agents
Organize Your Favourite Medical Billing Codes
How to Submit WSIB Billings
Import Claims - Upload Errors
Uploading Excel Spreadsheet
Reading Reports from Your Billing Agent
Automatic Percentage Premium Matching
Same Patient and Same Code Regular Billings
How to Edit Unsubmitted Claims
How Do I Find The Payment Date
Entering Claims with Spreadsheet Template
Finding Referring Physician
How to filter by diagnostic codes
What does "Unsubmitted" mean?
How to Enter Code E676B
Fixing version code
Service Code Correct Format (A, B, C Suffixes)
Service Date Report For Paid/Adjusted Payment Claims
How To See All Service Code For One Patient
Printing Reports
Finding Out How Many Of A Certain Service Code Submitted
How do I find the surgical assistant's codes
How To Bill Percentage Premiums
Physician Billing Number Not Found
Generating Daily Billing Report
Preventive Care Bonus - Q code, no patient
How To Retrieve Past Invoices?
How To Bill With Subspecialty
Premiums For MRP Subsequent Visits
Billing Codes - Twin Baby Delivery
How to verify and bill out of province health insurance?
Anesthesia Time Unit
How To Submit All Claims At Once
How to Submit Virtual Care Program (OTN) Billings
Name Change
Double Claims Uploaded
How To Delete A Patient Profile
How To Submit Physiotherapy Service Code V847A
Where To Find The Import Claims Spreadsheet
How to Edit A Claim on the Web Portal
Facility Codes
Updating a patient's health card version code
Tax Slips for Doctors
Admit Date For Outpatient
Entering Age-Based Premiums
How to Fix a Submitted Billing Error
How Do I Get Rejected Reports That Are Submitted Outside MDBilling?
How to Archive a Rejected Claim
Changing Version Code for Submitted Claim
How to Submit a Cancelled Case
Archived a Claim by Mistake
Entering Percentage Premium Code
How Often Claims Are Submitted To MoH?
How to fix time unit calculation error
Can I Write Off A Claim?
Billing The Same Code on The Same Day for All patients
Deleting A Duplicate Claim
Submitting Same Code for Multiple Days
Anesthesia Codes - ASA - Favourite Codes
How To Find My Clinic To Facility List
What to Do If I Submitted A Wrong Service Code
Referring Physician and Diagnostic Code Selection
Diagnostic Codes for Psychiatry
Outpatient Clinic Billing - No Facility