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Alberta Physicians - Getting Started with Billing
Alberta Physicians - Getting Started with Billing

How to start billing Alberta Health on Dr. Bill.

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Welcome to Dr. Bill

Our web-based medical billing software makes it easy to bill Alberta Health.

Whether you created an account yourself, or were sent login details by email, log in here to get started:

When you first log into your dashboard, you'll see a banner prompting you to complete your account setup. 

You can start adding patients and claims right away, but this step is required in order for us to submit your claims to Alberta Health for payment.

This is also an opportunity to set your account defaults, which makes billing even faster – including setting your default BA number, facility and more.

If you need help completing the paperwork for your payment information, use our live chat box (the icon is in the bottom right hand corner) and speak with one of our billing specialists.

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