Where is my Remittance?

Is it remittance day, but you still have not yet received yours?

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When billing with Dr.Bill, following specific ministry calendars, your Remittance report will be made available to you at a certain time during a billing period via email (if selected) as well as within the 'Reports' tab in your Dr.Bill account on the web application.

Your Remittance will include the total amount you are set to receive, when to expect the payment and the ability for you to 'View Details', outlining the claims included in that remittance period for your review.

Dr.Bill receives these files from the respective ministries and on the date specified and coverts the files into a readable format for our users. This can take some time, so occasionally you might find yourself on remittance day wondering 'where is my remittance'? Fear not, it's on it's way!

Files are released to us in the morning and we work to convert them as quickly as possible.

Factoring in the above, you may receive your Remittance in the morning, afternoon or evening on the day of, but our team will always ensure that it is received before the end of the day or inform you of any ongoing issues.

To follow along with ministry cut-off dates and when to expect your Remittance and subsequent payment, please review these links:

MSP Cut-Off Calendar
OHIP Cut-Off Calendar
AHCIP Submission

If you haven't received your Remittance report by the end of the day when expected, please reach out to our team at help@dr-bill.ca.

Happy Billing!

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