Need to get in touch with our team of Billing Specialists regarding one of your claims?

Write us a message anytime within the Claim Timeline. You can do this on the Claim Summary page of the claim in question. Our agents will reply within 7-10 business days.

Please note, this feature is only available to Full Service or Trial users, as well as when supported claims have been purchased.

1. Head into your Claims tab:

2. Click "View" on the claim you would like assistance with:

3. Scroll to the bottom, and find the Timeline:

If your question is time sensitive, please use our support chat bubble by clicking on the Question Mark at the bottom right corner of any Dr. Bill page.

Please do not share any patient data within the chat sessions or emails to our team. Only communicate patient data through our secure built in timeline messaging system outlined above. This includes patient First Name, Last Name, DOB and PHN.

Happy Billing!

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