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BC Physicians - Directive Care vs. Supportive Care
BC Physicians - Directive Care vs. Supportive Care

What is the difference between directive and supportive care?

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Directive Care

Directive care refers to those subsequent hospital visits rendered by a consultant in cases in which the responsibility for the case remains in the hands of the attending practitioner but for which a consultant is requested by the referring physician to give directive care in hospital during the acute phase. Payments for directive care are limited to two visits per patient per week (Sunday to Saturday), even when there is no interval between visits, for each consultant requested to render directive care by the referring practitioner.

Supportive Care

Where a case has been referred and the referring medical practitioner no longer is in charge of the patient’s care but for which continued liaison with the family and/or reassurance of the patient is necessary while the patient is hospitalized, supportive care may be claimed by the referring medical practitioner. Payments for supportive care are limited to one visit for every day of hospitalization for the first ten days and, thereafter, one supportive care visit for every seven days of hospitalization.

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