If your patient does not have insurance we'll issue an invoice for you, collect the payment, then pay you. 

How to Privately Bill a Patient

Find the patient who's uninsured in your mobile app & open the patient card. Now tap the Edit button in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Under Type of Insurance you can change it from Public to Private. Now enter the contact information for the patient. Finally, select the option to privately bill the patient and/or the insurance company. We'll take it from there! 

Billing Rates & Fees

Uninsured patients (other than Quebec patients) are charged BCMA rates which typically pay 3-4 times higher than MSP rates. Quebec patients are only charged the standard rates as Quebec will not pay BCMA rates. When we receive payment from the patient we will deduct our 25% portion for administrative costs and deposit the remainder into your account. If we are unable to recover anything from your patient, you will not be charged. Any follow ups required are included in the 25% fee. 

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