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BC Physicians - Completing Your Paperwork
BC Physicians - Completing Your Paperwork

How to connect your account and get paid

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To finish your registration, please log in on the web – you will see a banner prompting you to complete your paperwork.

Wondering what your payee number is?
It's either your practitioner number or a separate payee number you may have set up previously. If you're new to billing, your practitioner number and payee number are likely the same.

You can only use one payee number for each billing service/EMR. If you're running two parallel billing systems, we can have a new number created for you.

Remember: you can start submitting claims right away.
Your claims are held on our secure server until you are officially connected to Dr. Bill. Once connected, your claims are submitted on the next MSP cut off date. MSP takes approximately 7-10 business days to process applications and we will notify you as soon as you become connected.

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