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BC Physicians - MSP Billing Number / Payee Number
BC Physicians - MSP Billing Number / Payee Number

What's the difference?

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Question: What is a MSP billing number versus a MSP payee number?

Answer: When you begin billing in BC you are provided with a MSP practitioner number/billing number. This number stays with you forever and does not change. This is the number that colleagues will use as your referring practitioner number.

Underneath your practitioner number you can have several Payee Numbers. A payee number simply tells MSP where to send payment for claims submitted under that number. If you are new to billing your practitioner number and payee number is likely the same number.

You begin to add new billing numbers as you incorporate or begin billing in multiple locations at once. A single payee number can only be used to bill with a single billing service/EMR at a time.

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