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At Dr.Bill, we currently offer 2 different plans to suit your different billing needs. Both of our available plans currently come with a 45 Day Free Trial of the Full Service plan.

Once the trial reaches it's end, you are given options to choose which plan works best for you.

The Self-Serve Plan (0.25% of paid claims per billing cycle)

This is a great plan if you already have office billing support or if you’re confident managing your own rejections. There is no billing support with this plan, but you still have access to our team of Customer Success agents if you need support with technical aspects of the application, or with your account.

This plan does begin with a 45 Day Trial period of our Full Service features, and you will be reminded towards the end of the trial to inform us if Self Serve is preferred.

The Full-Serve Plan (1.95% of paid claims per billing cycle)

This plan is our most popular plan and offers both claim management and billing support. This plan is suitable for all practices and also comes with a Free 45 Day Trial. After the trial period is up, it’s 1.95% of paid claims per billing cycle, charged to a credit card uploaded to your Dr.Bill account.

If you have any questions about our pricing plans, or you're wondering what's best for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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