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How to bill WorkSafeBC

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There are different steps for office vs hospital billings, whether you are billing form fees or visits and whether the patient has MSP or not. In general the following information is required in submitting a claim. 

A WCB claim is the same as billing MSP, with the exception that we need to include extra information on each claim.

WCB needs to be edited online per each claim so that each claim has the following information attached as per WCB's requirement for processing. Currently, this can only be done online. You can also send us a message with the details and have us edit the data for submission.

Beside the continuing care buttons you will see ICBC and WCB. Select WCB and more fields will appear. The criteria needed are:

AOI {Area of injury} - arms, legs, back etc (specific to WCB, lists can be found on their website)
DOI {Date of injury} - date of the accident
NOI {Nature of injury} - strain, cut, chemical, burn etc  
Body Part - must indicate one of the following: Right, Left, Neither or Both
WCB# - if known

Once you have these details then the claim can be submitted.

The Doctors of BC and WorkSafeBC Physician Reference Guide includes all the information you will need to bill WCB. Please contact us if you need more assistance.

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