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When to bill 'Continuing Care'

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If you have logged a Call Out charge and then continue to see additional patients you would be entitled to bill continuing care surcharges for each 30 minutes after the initial 30 minutes you spent with the patient you were initially called to see. 

If you see multiple patients in a 30 minute block you would only log the continuing care on the last patient in that block but for the entire 30 minute period. You must also note CCFPP in the MSP note field to tell MSP that these patients were seen following your initial call out to the hospital. 

To apply these surcharges on Dr. Bill, log your consult or visit with the patient. On that claim toggle the Call Out & Cont. Care switches. Now enter the Call Time, Start Time & End Time for your encounter.

Our app will automatically apply the correct Out of Office premiums to your claim.

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