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BC Physicians - Rural Premiums

Add rural premiums to your billings

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Question: I work in a rural area and qualify to have a rural premium added to my billings. How do I do this?

Answer: There are two options for this feature. If you are only occasionally working in an eligible rural area you can manually add the rural premium to each claim by selecting the location in the Rural Location drop down menu.

(This feature is currently only available on our web app)

If you permanently or frequently work in a rural location you can update your account settings to default that location. All claims will then automatically have the rural premium applied. You will see these rural premiums as an adjustment on your remittance payment information.

Alternatively, if you'll only be working in a rural location for a set period of time, you can message us with the dates and location and our billing agents can create a temporary setting. The setting will then automatically apply to all of the claims during that set period.

Not sure if you're eligible? Find your location here.

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