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How to Add and Manage a Patient - Mobile
How to Add and Manage a Patient - Mobile

Patients can be added by taking a picture of a patient label, or manually!

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If you haven't downloaded the Dr.Bill app already, click here for iOS and here for Android.
From your Dr.Bill mobile dashboard, simply click the orange (+) to either add a patient manually, or via Label Snap!

To quickly add a patient, simply snap a photo of each patient label. Always ensure the label clearly shows the First and Last Name of the patient, DOB and HCN/PHN. Dr. Bill will capture all the patient information and work to convert this into a patient profile in our system.

You can also add a patient manually by entering this information in the app or on the web.

Once the patient profile has been created or the Label Snap has been taken, you can log claims for a patient immediately.

Alternatively, from your patient list, you can choose to add a new patient manually, search for existing patients or take a new "Label Snap":

On an individual patient card, you can see their information and claim history. From here you can edit the patient information and add new claims if desired:

Please note: Patient labels are run through our OCR processing system to convert them into patient profiles in Dr.Bill. While this happens, you can expect the patient profile to state "Label Snap Patient". If the OCR is unable to review the label, it's then passed over to our team of agents who reviews these manually every few hours, daily.
If you need additional help with patient management, or notice an unusually long processing time, please reach out to us at


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