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How to Add and Manage a Patient - Mobile
How to Add and Manage a Patient - Mobile

Add patient details by taking a photo of the label or directly entering their details.

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If you haven't downloaded the Dr.Bill app already, click here for iOS and here for Android.

As of March 2024, we have updated LabelSnap for quicker patient entry.

Step 1: On your Dr.Bill mobile dashboard click the orange (+).

Tip: For quickest entry select LabelSnap.

Using LabelSnap

Step 2a: Select LabelSnap to take a photo of the label.

Step 3a: In LabelSnap, line up the label within the frame and take a photo using the camera button located at the bottom of the screen.

Tip: Be sure the patient’s name, PHN and date of birth are visible.

Step 4a: Review the Patient Card that was generated. Editing the patient details can be done in the top right corner.

Tip: If you need to retake the photo, find the retake button in the upper right corner of the label image and retake the photo BEFORE entering the referring physician.​

Step 5a: Add the admission date or referring physician (if applicable).

You are done! Now you are ready to create a claim for the patient by hitting the orange plus.

Tip: If you add a referring physician, a list of previous referring physicians will pop-up.

Entering Patient Details

Step 2b: Select ‘Patient’

Tip: If you are in your patient list you can also create a new patient by selecting LabelSnap or ‘Add Patient’

Step 3b: Enter first and last name, sex, date of birth, admission date (if applicable), referring physician (if applicable), province of insurance and personal health number.

Tip: Here you have the option to select private insurance.

Step 4b: Finish by selecting Save.

Please note: Patient labels are run through our OCR processing system to convert them into patient profiles in Dr.Bill. While this happens, you can expect the patient profile to state "LabelSnap Patient". If the OCR is unable to review the label, it's then passed over to our team of agents who reviews these manually every few hours, daily.

If you need additional help with patient management, or notice an unusually long processing time, please reach out to us at

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