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How do I run a report and download my claim history?

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Dr. Bill has a reporting feature that allows you to export your claim history data in a spreadsheet format.

- Step 1 -

Log in on the web (, then navigate to the Claims tab.

- Step 2 -

Hit the green Download Report button.
(You can find it above the claim summary bar chart)

You can choose to only see claims with a certain status (paid, rejected, etc) by selecting a status tab heading. 

As well, you can set a specific date range to run a report for by picking start and end dates of service.

- Step 3 -

Wait for the report to load, then hit Download Report. A csv file with your specified data will be downloaded. 

You can view and edit the file with any spreadsheet software including Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.

If you need any help with your reports, just let us know – our team is here to help!

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