Billing H409/H410 Codes

This article outlines how Ontario physicians can bill the H409/H410 codes in Dr.Bill.

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Whether you are new to us, or an existing user who is now looking to begin submitting H409/H410 COVID assessment or vaccination claims, please follow the steps outlined in this article to ensure successful submission to OHIP.

Before you can begin submitting these claims, our team needs to assign you a generic patient that meets OHIP's requirements for these codes.

Please reach out to our team to request this patient be added to your profile by emailing us at

Once assigned to you, this patient will show up in your patient list as Fee, Sessional. As OHIP has instructed that the claim cannot include a Patient Name, Date of Birth or Health Card Number we will be removing these elements before submission.

Once you are ready to begin, simply select the patient and create a new claim, or select your claims tab and choose this patient from within the new claim.

  • The number of hours you worked will need to be added in as "Units". For example, 4 hours worked can be entered as 4 units.

  • The field labeled ‘Group Number’ is where you will need to add the group number for the assessment centre you worked at (you should be able to get this number from the admin at the centre). Group Numbers can only be added via the web application at this time, so if you intend to use your mobile application to submit these claims, we recommend setting your Default Group Number accordingly in your Account Settings.

  • The DOS is the date you worked at the assessment or vaccination center.

  • Please only mark the claim for manual review if the claims are for two different assessment centers on one date.

If you are having trouble with these claims, please reach out and let our team know. We will continue to provide support for H409/H410 regardless of your plan option with Dr.Bill.

Happy Billing!

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