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Purchasing and Adding Claim Credits
Purchasing and Adding Claim Credits

This article outlines how Self Serve plan users can purchase credits to apply to specific claims for assistance from our Billing Team.

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Are you a Self Serve user of Dr.Bill and looking for some assistance with claim entry, rejections, or resubmissions? Although the Self Serve plan does not offer access to our team of Billing Agents, we do offer the option for you to purchase credits to apply to specific claims.

It only takes a few moments and will allow you to communicate directly with our team regarding your claim issues.

Follow these steps to purchase and apply your claim credits:

  1. Log in to your Dr.Bill account via your web browser on a laptop or desktop computer. Once logged in, navigate to the drop-down menu that states your name in the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard:

  2. In this menu, select the "Buy Credits" option shown, which will bring you to this page:

Each claim costs $10 + applicable taxes, so prior to purchasing credits, ensure that you know how many you need.

3. Once you enter the number of claims you would like assistance with, a small bo will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen confirming. If you're happy with the amount, select "Buy Now" and "Confirm Purchase". This will create an invoice that you can pay via credit card by selecting the "Billing and Direct Deposit" option in your account drop-down menu:

4. Navigate to your "Claims" tab, and find the claim in question that you are looking for assistance with. Once located, select "View" on the right-hand side of your claim list:

5. Once you're in the claim, select "Request Full Service" which will prompt a pop-up confirming your selection and notifying you of the number of credits needed. Here you can also leave a message for the agent regarding what you need assistance with:

6. Once you're happy with your selection, you can scroll down on the claim page and add additional notes on the timeline, where you will also check for agent responses:

Please note, timeline response is typically within 7 business days. If you require more immediate assistance with claims, please write to us directly at once you have applied your claim credits.

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