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Grow Your Medical Business with RBC
Grow Your Medical Business with RBC

The benefits of having an RBC business bank account

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Are you getting ready to set up your new medical practice or considering incorporating as a sole proprietor? Whether you’re a one-person business or a corporation, there are many critical administrative details to consider. RBC can help you choose the best business banking solution for your needs and offer you the tools, advice and features to help you start and grow your business. As an RBC business client, you get exclusive access to offers and support from a wide range of services to help your medical business thrive.

What are the benefits of a business bank account for a practicing physician?

  • It’s a legal requirement for incorporations to use a business bank account

  • It’s beneficial to keep your personal and business accounts separate to make business expense tracking easier

  • You will have a clear record of business transactions in case of an audit

  • It will help you establish business credit

  • We can help set up your Dr. Bill account so all claim payments go directly into your RBC business bank account

  • Link your RBC business credit card to your Dr. Bill account so you can collect points on every Dr. Bill subscription invoice

Getting started with an RBC business bank account is easy! If you’re registered as a one-person business, you can open your account online and then simply go in-branch to verify your identity to complete setup. If you’re a listed director and/or business owner, you need to make an in-person appointment to set up an account.

Get started today or find an RBC branch near you.

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