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Billing for the Business Cost Premium (iPhone)
Billing for the Business Cost Premium (iPhone)
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If you're enrolled in the Business Cost Premium (BCP) program with MSP, you'll need to specify your office in each claim that you believe is eligible for the BCP payment. The way that MSP requires this to be done is to use the "facility" field in a claim to specify the facility code that MSP has assigned for your private office.

Here's how you can do this in the iPhone app.

1) Enabling BCP

In your Account Settings area, navigate to "BC Settings", and then "Facilities". Turn on the switch for "Enable Business Cost Premium". This will provide access to the facility field when you make a claim.

2) Creating a private facility for your office

With "Enable Business Cost Premium" switched on, you'll now be able to see the section "My BCP Facilities". This is where you'll create a facility for the office/s you've registered with MSP.

Each facility will require the 5 character code that MSP assigned along with a name for it. The name is up to you; it's only used to help you identify this facility from a list when creating claims.

Once you've created a private facility for your BCP registered office, set up is complete.

3) Specifying your office in a claim

When creating a claim, you'll now have access to the "Facility" field after you've chosen a billing code. Tap the field to bring up the list of facilities. Your BCP office/s will appear at the top of this list under the title "Private Facilities". Select your office in every claim you wish to apply for the BCP payment on.

4) Other things to know

  • In "BC Settings" / "Facilities", you'll notice that there's an option to set a default facility to pre-fill every new claim with. You might find this useful if you're predominantly creating BCP-eligible claims.

  • It's possible to remove a private facility if you wish to. Please note that doing so will mean that this facility will no longer appear in your list of facilities and this will affect claims which are still submitted/being resolved / actively being pursued for payment. We recommend leaving the private facility until all BCP claims which use this facility have been paid/resolved, then removing the facility at that time.

  • If a time comes where you are no longer enrolled for BCP with MSP, you can disable BCP functionality in your account to prevent accidentally specifying your office as the facility in a claim. As disabling BCP will remove the functionality immediately, we recommend leaving this on until all BCP claims have been paid/resolved. Once you no longer need to consider BCP in any claims, it's safe to disable it.
    Please reach out to our team at if you need additional assistance.
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