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K083A is a Telehealth consultation that specialists can use to bill a consultation at the same price of a regular in-person consultation.

While this is convenient, unfortunately, it’s paid through increments of $5 - so, to figure out the units you first need to:

  • Round down the amount for the original service to the nearest $5. For example A195A: ($215.65) gets rounded down to $215,

  • Divide that amount by $5 ($215 ÷ $5 = 43).

  • Submit K083A with 43 units.

As you can imagine - or have experienced - this is time-consuming and prone to errors. To remove the pain of math calculations you can now use the K083A Calculator.

How to use the K083A Calculator:

  1. Create a claim and add in your regular consultation (A195A)

  2. Click on the ‘Calculate K083A’ button and based on the codes you selected it will automatically calculate.

  3. Toggle ‘Apply E078A (+50%) if it applies.

Click ‘Fill’ and it will add in the current amount of units to your claim.

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