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Private Invoice Templates
Private Invoice Templates

Use our Private Invoice Templates to bill your uninsured patient directly!

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We are excited to announce Dr. Bill's new Private Invoice Template feature, which gives you full control over billing your uninsured patients! This feature allows you to create and print an invoice to send to your patient directly, to recover payment for your services provided.

This feature is meant to assist with recovering payment from patients you have seen, who are not insured, or have 3rd party insurance. This feature is not meant for the Private Invoicing of specific programs involving members of the Armed Forces, RMCPs, Veterans, UHIP, Inmates or the IFHP program, as Dr. Bill will continue to support this (at a 25% recovery fee rate).

Please follow the steps outlined below to create an invoice:

NOTE: Invoices can only be created via the Web, and not Mobile

1. Create a patient by clicking “New Patient” and toggle the patients profile to “Private”. Enter all of their details and click “Create and Start a Claim”

2. Create your claim by entering all the pertinent details. When complete, click “Save”

3. Now that your patient and claim have been created, you can now click on “Create Private Invoice”

4. The claims you have made for the patient will show up here, select the claims you’d like to recover payment for and click “Next”

5. Now you can enter your details, as well as your patients. Information will be preloaded in the fields that have already been saved in our system. Please note for your address details, this is the address that will appear on the invoice to direct payment to. If you wish that the patient mail a cheque to an alternate address, please edit as needed.

6. After you have entered both yours, and your patients details, look them over to ensure they are correct. Once done, you can now enter the Invoice Details, such as Invoice Number, and Terms. We recommend creating an invoice number that makes sense for your records (e.g start with 001). As for payment terms, enter terms that are are reasonable for you and your practice (e.g 30, 60, or 90 days)

7. Once you are ready, you can now click “Create Invoice” and a new window will open with your Invoice, which you can now Print. When you have printed the copy, you can exit the window. We recommend disabling "Print Headers and Footers", and leaving "Print Background" Enabled.

Please note the invoices are not saved, so make sure the printing is successful before you exit the window.

You are now ready to mail out your invoice!

Important Notes:

- Dr. Bill is not involved in the payment recovery attempts for your patients.

- Invoices that are created, are not saved on to your account.

- If you have received payment from a patient, you can let us know and we will mark the claim as Paid for your records.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team by using the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of any Dr. Bill screen, or email

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