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Updating Credit Card Information
Updating Credit Card Information

How to add or update a credit card in your Dr.Bill account

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Dr.Bill generates invoices for claims paid per billing cycle for our services, and accepts payments to these invoices via credit card only at this time. To add or update an existing card, click here:

You can also access this page by going to 'Billing' or 'Billing and Direct Deposit' after clicking on your email address in the top right-hand corner of the web account. This function is not currently available via the mobile app.

Once within the account settings, you can input applicable credit card information for payment purposes:

The team at Dr.Bill will contact you directly if you have invoices that are overdue or a payment has failed. Additionally, your account will notify you when the payment information needs to be updated.
In order to ensure your account remains active, please ensure your payment information is always up to date.

Please note, updating this account does not interfere or affect the account in which you receive your ministry payments for BC, ON or AB. If you are looking to update your account for payments, please contact our team for assistance.

If you need additional assistance updating your credit card or with outstanding invoices, please reach out to our team at

Happy Billing!

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