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How Long Does It Take To Get Set Up?
How Long Does It Take To Get Set Up?

When will I be connected to Dr. Bill?

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Welcome to Dr. Bill! We are happy to have you on board.

While you are able to add claims straightaway, you will not be fully connected to our platform (and will not be paid by the ministry) until the appropriate forms are completed, and sent away for processing.

BC - In British Columbia, once the appropriate forms are completed, we send them off to MSP. It can take 7-10 days for them to process the applications, and once we hear back from them we will let you know.

AB - In Alberta, once the appropriate forms are completed, It takes roughly 2 weeks for Alberta Health to process this paperwork and mail a letter containing your new BA number. If you wish to obtain this number sooner, you can call the Alberta Health-Practitioner Registry unit at 780-422-1522.

ON - In Ontario, before we can submit your claims to the Ministry of Health, you need to authorize Dr. Bill as a Designee within your Go Secure account. You can have several designees, so this process won't affect any existing billing arrangements you have. Once this is done, you will be connected immediately, and we can do the process for you!

If you do not have a Go Secure/MC EDT account setup you need to have already received a registration letter from the Ministry of Health. This contains two 'unique identifiers' or codes that'll you need to enter during this setup process. This letter is sent to you after you register for an OHIP billing number. If you don't have this letter and you already have a valid OHIP billing number contact the Ministry of Health by email or phone: 1-800 262-6524 to have one re-issued. If you're new to practicing in Ontario you can register for your OHIP billing number

Happy Billing!

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