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BC Physicians - Over-Age Claims

Submitting claims from over 90 days from the date of service

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All claims are required to be submitted to MSP within 90 days of the original date of service. Claims that are submitted beyond this deadline will be refused with a BV explanatory code from MSP. In order to attempt to have these claims paid MSP requires a valid reason for the delay. 

Your overage claims will automatically be returned to you and can be found under your billing issues at If you would like us to recover these funds for you, please notify us of your reason for the delay. We charge $75 per claim form to recover these funds on your behalf.  Please note each claim form can include all existing overage claims that are on your file. MSP is reluctant at times to pay these funds, but we have a very high success rate and actively pursue all funds which you should otherwise be entitled to.

If you prefer to do this on your own and discuss with MSP you can find the form here. If you receive approval on your own you will need to notify us so that we may resubmit your claims for you. Otherwise, we are happy to assist you in this process.

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