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How to Add Multiple Patients to a Single Claim
How to Add Multiple Patients to a Single Claim

This feature is currently available only on the web for BC and Ontario.

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On the web app, you can now add multiple patients to a claim.

You can add multiple individual patients or a group. Simply select ‘individuals’ or ‘groups’ then search by name and add as many as you’d like.

Here's a quick tutorial showing you how:

If you think you'll use this feature for the same patients often, we recommend adding those patients to a group so that you can add them that much quicker. 

How to create a patient group on the web: 

  • On the web, click on Groups in the navigation bar on the top-left. 

  • Then click on '+ New Group.' 

  • Create a name for your group and click 'Create Group.'

  • Then go ahead and add your patients. 

Here's an example of a group we created called 'Van. Clinic':

Keep in mind that any patient group you've created on the mobile app will also show up under groups on the web app. 

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