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Shared Claims (on iOS)
Shared Claims (on iOS)

How to Share & Accept claims easily with colleagues on your iPhone

Written by Meagan Annmarie Sweeney
Updated over a week ago

You can now share claim details for your phone calls and patient conferences with all participating colleagues. This will easily facilitate everyone to create claims without having to re-enter the patient and claim details.

How to Share Claims on the iOS app 

  1. Create your claim like normal, and click 'save.'

  2. Add the physician's name you'd like to share the claims with (you can add multiple people) then click 'send.'

  3. You're done! Your colleague will get a notification letting them know you've shared a claim. 

**after you've used BillShare once, the option to share a claim will appear at the top of your claim, underneath the billing code.  

Important Note:
You can share a claim with someone who is not a Dr. Bill user. They will be notified by email with a link to a secure page. Once they enter in the PIN they'll see all the claim details.


How to Accept a Shared Claim on the iOS app

  1. You'll get a notification that you've got a shared claim via email (with a PIN #)

  2. Open the iOS app, then click on 'Shared Claims' 

  3. Enter in the PIN 

4. Scroll through the Claim to check the details, then click 'Save' to bill for it.
5. To check that you've billed it, click on "Claims"
6. Select the date of service and you should see the claim added to your list 

Looking for different codes you can share? Let us know which ones.  


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