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Shared Claims (on the Web)
Shared Claims (on the Web)

How to Share & Accept claims easily with colleagues on the Web

Written by Meagan Annmarie Sweeney
Updated over a week ago

You can now share claim details for your phone calls and patient conferences with all participating colleagues. This will easily facilitate everyone to create claims without having to re-enter the patient and claim details.

How to Share & Accept Claims on the Web

  1. Add a claim as normal, then click "save and share." 

2. Search for the physician you'd like to share with, then add an email and PIN #.

3. A confirmation gets displayed after you've shared a claim and they'll be notified via email. 

Important Note: You can share a claim with someone who is not a Dr. Bill user by choosing 'unlisted physician' when you're selecting the doctor (like in the screenshot above). They will be notified by email and taken to a separate (but secure) page with all claim details.

After they enter the PIN, they'll be able to see the full claim like this:

How to Accept a Shared Claim on the Web  

  1. You'll get an email letting you know someone's shared a claim with you. The email contains the PIN #.

    Log in on the Web and you'll have a notification on your dashboard. Click on 'Shared Claims'

2. To open the claim click on 'View Claim.' A box will pop up for you to enter the PIN. 

3. Scroll through the Claim to check the details, then click 'Save' to bill for it.

Looking for different codes you can share? Let us know which ones. 

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