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BC Physicians - Awaiting Payment
BC Physicians - Awaiting Payment
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If your claims are showing as paid and you did not receive direct deposit on the 15th or 30th, then you would likely be mailed a cheque. If it has been a couple of days since the payment date and you still have no cheque then you will need to call MSP at 1-866-456-6950, Option 3, then Option 2. 

Unfortunately, MSP will not release payment information to Dr. Bill so we cannot do this on your behalf. 

If you believe you have already set this up, it may not have been done in time for the following payment or there could have been an issue with the banking information. MSP can help you with this as well. 

If you do not have direct deposit setup and would like to, please send us a request and we will send you the electronic form and submit to MSP on your behalf. 

If the status of your claims are still showing as submitted, this means that you were not connected to Dr. Bill prior to the previous cut off and your claims will not be paid until the following pay period. 

For details on MSP cut offs and payment dates please visit this article

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