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OHIP Remittance Advice (RA) Report + Active Claims Status
OHIP Remittance Advice (RA) Report + Active Claims Status

Follow up on claims and see exactly which claims were paid, held or rejected for any remittance period.

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You can now track all of your claims easily through the Web App.  

Once you log in, your dashboard will display the current status of all of your active claims.

  • Click on “Show Descriptions” to display a drop down menu of what each status means (this will bring you to the second photo)   

  • Click on “Submission Error” to see a list of current refusals.  

  • Click on “Rejected” to see a list of rejections.

Important Reminder: The dashboard page is live so numbers here will always change depending on whether claims are being resubmitted or released.

Note: If you're on the self-serve plan, "Pending Recovery" will display “Unresolved Claim Amounts.”

By Clicking on “Show Description” it will display the descriptions of your active claims. The display will look like this:

Payment Breakdown

 If you’re looking for a payment breakdown, or to find out more information on a specific payment period or claim, follow these steps:   

  1. From the dashboard click on “Reports”

  2. Then click on “Payments.”

  3. Put in the dates you're interested in and click “search.” 

A payment report will be displayed for your chosen dates, giving you a breakdown of each claim and the status of the claim at the time of the last payment report.

By clicking on the claim you’ll get a complete overview of it.   

If you have any questions in regards to claims, reports or Remittance Payments, please don’t hesitate to contact our billing team here.

Looking for more? 

Billing OHIP can sometimes result in having claims sent back with Claims Error Reports detailing various issues with submitted claims. 

If you're getting errors, use our searchable database to find the code from your Claims Error Report here:

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