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Continuing Care from Previous Patient

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Continuing Care from Previous Patient (CCFPPP) applies when more than one patient is seen on the same special call-out. 

CCFPP is a time premium (billing codes 01205 / 01206 / 01207) for when you have been paid for one call out to attend a patient and then you are called to see another patient. You then get the appropriate fee code and have to note "CCFPP" which tells MSP that you are still continuing on from previous patient. This is required so that they don't deduct the 30 mins refractory period again [non-billable time].


As per MSP, the following rules apply:

  • When a physician is called out to attend more than one patient, the physician may bill non-operative continuing care surcharges (billing items 01205, 01206, 01207) for each half-hour of care provided as long as the criteria for those fees are met.

  • Non-operative continuing care surcharges are also applicable without the 30-minute time lapse, and with timing continuing, to immediately subsequent patients seen on the same call-out in the following circumstances: As an emergency; To provide top-ups under fee item 01103 for obstetrical epidural anaesthesia; or To provide subsequent resuscitation under fee item 01088.

  • Timing is based on the total time spent providing continuous care, not the number of patients seen (e.g., if three patients are seen in one half-hour period, the applicable non-operative continuing care surcharge may be charged only for the last patient seen in that half-hour period). Example: If the first patient is seen at 2020 hours, the 30-minute refractory period ends at 2050 hours. If multiple patients are seen between 2050 and 2120 hours, the full half-hour period should be billed for the PHN of the last patient seen during that time.

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