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BC Physicians - Incentive Fees for Locums
BC Physicians - Incentive Fees for Locums

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Written by Meagan Annmarie Sweeney
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MSP has several incentive fees, several of which can be used even as a locum. Knowing these codes is essential in order to really maximize your earning potential. Therefore, we’ve created this quick cheat sheet as a reference guide to MSP’s best fee code incentives for locums.

14071 - GPSC Portal Fee
(previously named Attachment Participation fee)

Description: An opt-in agreement that allows you to access other fees.   - Must be billed before your first day as a locum in each calendar year (host physician has to have billed 14070 for that calendar year).

By opting in for 14071, this will provide access to the following portal codes for any subsequent locums in that calendar year (14075, 14076, 14077, 14078, 14060, 14086).

14075 - Frailty Complex Care Planning & Management Fee
(If host physician allows)

Description:  Requires assistance with at least one ADL from each of the instrumental and non-instrumental activities of daily living.   

  •  Dx code V15

  • Billed with complex care planning visit

  • Eligible patients must be living at home or in assisted living

14075 Guidelines: 14075 is only payable once per calendar year, per patient on the date of the complex care planning visit. It’s payable in addition to a visit fee (home or office) on the same day outside of the 16-minute requirement for planning.  

The Minimum required total planning time is 30 minutes. The majority of the planning time must be face-to-face in order to create the care plan collaboratively with the patient and/or their medical representative (minimum 16 minutes).

  • 14018 or 14077 payable on the same day for the same patient.

  • Maximum daily total 5 of any combination of 14033 and 14075 per physician.

  • 14075 not payable once 14063has been billed and paid as patient has been changed from active management of chronic disease to palliative management. (in same year)

  • 14043, 14063, 14076, 14078 not payable on the same day for the same patient.

Telephone Management

14076 -
Patient Telephone Management Fee
$20 per call

Phone calls made to a patient with a limit of 1500 per year.

14077 - Allied Care Provider Conference Fee
$40 per 15 minutes

Description: Any two-way collaboration (phone, in person, video-conference) with 1 other Allied Health professional.   

  • Must be the MRP for the patient.

  •  Max 30 minutes per patient per day. 

  • Use when the patient is located in the community, acute care, sub-acute care, assisted living, long-term or intermediate care facilities, detox units, mental health units, etc. 

  •  Can be provided/requested at any stage of admission to a facility from ER through stay to discharge).   

(Pro Tip: Call RACE line for advice, reduce the need for your patient to see a specialist).

***14076 and 14077 Guidelines: Any Clinical telephone discussion between the patient or the patient’s medical representative and physician or College-certified allied care provider (e.g.: Nurse, Nurse Practitioner) employed within the eligible physician’s practice.  

Must be registered in a Maternity Network or GP unassigned In-patient network on a prior date.

Both 14076 and 14077 are not payable on the same calendar day as a visit or service fee by same physician for same patient with the exception of G14077, G14018, G14050, G14051, G14052, G14053, G14250, G14251, G14252, G14253.

14078 - Email/Text/Telephone Medical Advice
$7 per message

Description: Any two-way communication with patient or medical representative.    

  • Must be registered in a Maternity Network or GP Unassigned in-patient Network on a prior date.

  • Limit of 200 per year.

14078 Reminder: Not payable on the same calendar day as a visit or service fee by same physician for same patient with the exception of 14077.

In-Patient Care

14086 - Assigned In-Patient Network Fee
$2100 per quarter

Description: Must provide MRP care to at least 24 admitted patients over the course of a year (networks may average out this number across the number of members).   

  • Only bill for the quarters that you (as the locum) are required to work for under the network incentive for at least 50% of that quarter.   

  • Must register with at least one network that is their ‘home’ network, where they provide the majority of their in-patient care network services.

14086 Guidelines: You must be a Family Physician in active practice in B.C with active hospital privileges. 

You must be associated and registered with a minimum of 3 other network members.

You must ensure one member is always available to care for patients of the assigned inpatient network.

14088 – Unassigned In-Patient Care Fee  
$150 per patient

Description: Must be the MRP during that patient’s admission.   

  • Payable in addition to the visit (13109, 13008, 00127) or delivery fee.  

  • Additional fee per patient billed by the member (paid directly to the locum).  

  • Must be a member of the Assigned Inpatient Care Network.  

  • Patients whose Family Physician does not have admitting privileges in the acute care facility in which the patient has been admitted.

14088 Guidelines:

The GPSC Unassigned Inpatient Care Network Fee is a lump sum incentive based on the annual volume of unassigned inpatients and is available for each hospital with a community GP run unassigned inpatient care model. (Paid directly to the division)

Personal Health Risk Assessment

14066 – Personal Health Risk Assessment

$50 per patient

Description: Must get approval from the Host physician to bill in their absence.  Payable in addition to the visit (13109, 13008, 00127) or delivery fee. 

  • Limit of 100 per year (per locum).  

  • Must be billed with a visit. 

  • (786), unhealthy eating (783), physical inactivity (785), medical obesity (783). 

14066 Guidelines: Patient cannot be in a Long-Term Care Facility.

Includes maternity health risk factors (iron-deficient, high BMI,)  

Includes unhealthy lifestyle ((obese, smoker, physically inactive, unhealthy eating)  

Only 14077 billable on the same day in addition to the visit.

Maternity Incentive

14010 – Maternity Network Quarterly Fee
$2100 per quarter
4 Deliveries every 6 months

Description: To participate in both a Maternity Network and an Unassigned Inpatient Network, you must be providing in-patient care for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients.

  • You must have privileges to provide obstetrical care

  • Must be associated and registered with a minimum of three other network members.  

  • Must cooperate with other members of the network so that one member is always available for deliveries (Assigned +/- Unassigned patients).  

  • Each doctor must schedule at least four deliveries in each six-month period of time.  

  • The maternity care network is payable for participation in the network activity for the majority of the preceding calendar quarter (50% plus 1 day).   

  • Locums should register with a “home” network, even if they may work in different areas of the province providing obstetric are as part of their locum.   

  • Locums should maintain a record of practices worked and qualifying days, as the information may be required for future audits. 

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