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BC Physicians - Setting Up Payment Forms
BC Physicians - Setting Up Payment Forms

How do I know which form I need?

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When you log in on the web – you'll see a banner prompting you to complete your paperwork. This paperwork has to be complete in order to use Dr. Bill (it connects your payee number, which allows you to bill through us and get paid through MSP).

Clicking on the banner will bring you to a short questionnaire in order to determine which MSP paperwork you'll need based on your current situation.

Follow the prompts to fill out and sign your e-documents. Once you click submit, they will be sent to MSP on your behalf.  

For your reference, here are the possible payment scenarios:  

Teleplan Application (Join Service Bureau):
Fill this out if you want to connect your existing payee number (which means you are not billing with this number anywhere else).    

New payee #:
Fill this out if you need a new payee number because you are billing somewhere else with your current payee number.

If you've recently incorporated, or you're already incorporated please contact our team and we'll double check you'll filled out the correct paperwork.

Remember: you can start submitting claims right away.
Your claims are held on our secure server until you are officially connected to Dr. Bill. Once connected, your claims are submitted on the next MSP cut off date. MSP takes approximately 7-10 business days to process applications and we will notify you as soon as you become connected.

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