Anesthesia for all expedited surgical procedures must be billed electronically through Teleplan, with the except of nerve block and extensive spinal surgery. 

Fee codes:

  • the appropriate MSP fee code (Intensity & Complexity Index)

  • 19507 - for expedited Anesthetic Service
    note: This is a “time-based” fee code and can be used for 15 min. blocks. 

  • Apply MSP/WorkSafeBC Out-of-Office Surcharges as applicable.


  1. FAX a copy of the Record of Anesthesia to [604] 233-9777 or send it Toll Free to 1-888-922-8808. Make sure you include the claim number on all pages of the fax, failure to do so may result in "none payment".

  2. The anesthetic time needs to include a pre-operative assessment, along with exact start and stop times. (i.e., the time from induction all the way until the anesthesiologist is no longer in attendance and the injured worker can be safely discharged for PAR). Please note, if the pre-operative and PAR times are significantly longer than 30 minutes, then an explanatory note is required.  

  3.  All WCB claim details will need to be submitted. 

Quick Reference

  1. The Report must be faxed as noted above.

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