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MSP Billing Support - Referred to Practitioner

What to do when a practitioner number is not available

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On occasion, when a MSP practitioner's number is not available, the following may be used as an alternative practitioner number.

99991 - referral by a chiropractor to an orthopedic specialist
99992 - referral by an optometrist to an ophthalmologist and referral by an optometrist to a neurologist
99993 - referral by a salaried, sessional or contract physician
99994 - referral by a dentist
99996 - referral by public health for a T x-ray
99997 - referral by a primary organization
99998 - referral by an Out of Province physician. 

These generic numbers may be used in place of the MSP practitioner number.  The name of the physician should be documented in the note field in the FFS claim and a record of the referral must be retained in the patient's clinical record. 

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