50% Billings
Written by Meagan Annmarie Sweeney
Updated over a week ago

How can I change the amount of the billing (from 100% to 50%)?

Unfortunately, you are unable to deduct the 50% at source for a second visit/procedure or surgery.

Dr. Bill has elected to use the 100% billing of every claim and MSP automatically adjusts the claim for 50%.  Optimally, this is a better choice and software specific and can vary from program to program. Most of the time if the 50% deduction is not calculated to the penny correctly it will cause your claim to be refused and remain unpaid until clarification can be done manually with MSP. This happens even if you are only out by 1 penny.

Therefore, we have elected the 100% for all claims, where MSP pays upfront and then adjusts. Our billing team reviews all "paid with adjustments" to ensure you are paid as expected, or notified if further investigation is required; meaning no delay in payment to you.

If you would like any assistance with the claim please send us the information and we would be happy to help you with this.

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