MSP cut off dates are a big deal and remembering when they are is an even bigger deal! We have made a shareable google calendar that you can add to your own calendar. You will then receive notifications within your calendar for upcoming cut off dates, remittance dates, and payment dates.

How do MSP cut-off dates work?

MSP processes claim submissions in batches (2 each month). 

All claims submitted before 11am on cut-off days will be on your next remittance.* Anything past 11am will be processed in the next cycle.

Remittances are typically posted 7-10 days after the cut-off date. Payments go out a few days after.

***Note: At Dr. Bill we submit claims to MSP every 6 hours and in general, our claims are submitted 4 times a day. If you add anything after 11am on cut off day please contact our agents for assistance.


Imagine today is Thursday, January 19th. You were last paid on the 13th, and the previous cut-off date was January 3rd.

All claims that you have submitted since the 3rd (up until 11am yesterday) will be processed for this cycle. The remittance for this cycle will be posted on Friday, January 27th and you will be paid on Tuesday the 31st.

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