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Specialist Billing Tips

How to bill using Dr. Bill

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1. Add a Patient

To quickly add a patient, simply snap a photo of each patient label. Dr. Bill will capture all the patient information. You can also add a patient manually. Once created, you can log claims for a patient immediately.

Adding Claims

Simply select New Claim after adding or viewing a patient. Follow the samples below on how to enter your Call Backs or Continuing Care (CCS).

Call Backs (Call Out Fees)

To be eligible for Continuing Care fees, you must first be called INTO the hospital from an outside location. This means you cannot already be at the hospital caring for patients, or scheduled to come in and see patients. When called in, the first patient you see you will bill a Call Out fee. Any patient you see thereafter will qualify for Continuing Care fees (CCS). The fee code depends on the time the call was received. 

See sample below.

 Note: The default time that appears for the start is the current time. This allows for quick billing at the time of receiving the call back.

Continuing Care Fees (billed to subsequent patients)

After you have billed a Call Out fee on the first patient seen, you are eligible to bill Continuing Care (CCS) on additional patients you see on that same call out. It is important to note that continuing care can only be logged in 30 minute blocks of time. If you see two patients in that 30 minutes, you will log the Continuing Care on the last patient seen in that 30 minutes. 

Non-Operative Continuing Care


Advice Fees (Telephone, Video, or Face to Face Communication)

There are several fees that are billable that replace the need to see a patient in person. When your advice is requested by another physician you can bill one of the following...

  • Referring physician required in claim submission

  • 1 claim per patient per day with no other service on that day

  • Only billable once every 6 months if for the same Dx

  • Referring physician required in claim submission

  • Start and end times required in claim submission

  • 2 claims per patient per week with no other service on that day

  • Billable once per 30 days for the same Dx

  • Must have seen the patient before within 18 months preceding

  • Start and end times required in claim submission

  • Not billable with any other service on the same day for the same patient

  • Must use a diagnostic code that reflects one of the approved complexities

  • Co-morbidities

  • Diagnosis of malignancy 

  • One morbidity plus a non medical condition (Use code M04 as diagnosis)

  • Start and end time required

  • Max time billable 1 hour per day

  • Referring practitioner required in claim submission 

  • 3 per patient per day with no other service billable on the same day

  • No visit/service billed for the patient in the preceding 30 days. 

  • Prior consultation/visit in preceding 18 months

  • 3 per patient per day with no other service billable on the same day

Creating a List of Favourites

With Dr. Bill you have the option of "starring" your most commonly used billing items, diagnostic codes, or referring physicians. Using our star feature will populate your starred items at the top of your lists for easy searching.

Just tap the star icon next to the billing item or diagnosis when searching your list. It'll be saved for next time. 

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