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BC WorkSafe e-FORM 8/11 (Web)
BC WorkSafe e-FORM 8/11 (Web)

Physician report send electronically to WCB

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Dr. Bill can now send your First Report (Form 8) or Follow up report (Form 11) via teleplan.     [TIP - Full video tutorial at the end of this report]

WCB - Form 8 & 11  are Time Sensitive paid, based on the date WorksafeBC received the completed application.  

19937 & 19940 :

  • received 0-3 days paid in full

  • received 3-6 days paid at discount

  • received 6+ days paid at zero

TIP - It's best to have all criteria handy when submitting your first claim. Missing details will cause rejections and delay payment. 


  • AOI - area of injury

  • NOI - nature of injury

  • DOI - date of injury

  • Location: - Right, Left, neither or both

  • WCB claim number - if known

Step 1 - Add your patient, or pull an existing one.
Step 2 -From the demographics screen - select new claim but click on the down arrow to create "physician report" as shown below.

This is what you will see once the form has been generated.

Completed and fill in the following details:
User: enter your practitioner number/name
WorkSafeBC claim number if known -leave blank  
Service Location:  Where was it done "E" for ER
Date of Service: Date the assessment was done

Continue with the Date of Injury

First Report is e-form 8
Condition or treatment change e-form 11
TIP:  All details of the WCB claim such as DOI, side right or left must match WCB records or the claim will be refused which could ultimate result in zero payment. 

Next you will be required to complete Employer Details as gathered by the patient.  

TIP: Often patients can be reluctant to provide full details of their employment, to avoid workplace conflict.  Try to get at least Company name and phone number and google the rest if needed. 

Completing the Worker information

TIP: The patient may be unresponsive or unable to provide these details, be sure to gather at least a contact phone number or email so that we may gather details at a later date.  It is best to put "unknown" as apposed to leaving it blank, which may cause the claim to reject. 

Now that we have the little details out the way you can proceed to form details that are needed.

First to Treat examples: Medic, First responder, ER physcian

TIP: Do not leave any box empty or it is often considered incomplete.  Ie. Prior/other problems - put "NONE" if the patient does not have any pre-existing conditions.

Your Form is almost done - continue on to Injury Details: 


  • Diagnosis - can also be ICD 9 code but best to use full written diagnosis.  

  • ICD 9 code - you can select up to 3

  • Area of Injury - Body part - such as Scalp, Leg, Arm etc.

  • Side - Right, Left, neither or both

  • Nature of injury Strain, Fracture, Laceration etc. 

Clinical information: This is where you document your findings from the assessment.   [S.O.A.P. report]


TIP:  Be sure to toggle all buttons and complete all boxes.  For example, if the patient is returning to work and no restrictions - simply put "RTW -no restrictions" in the box provide above. 

Save and you are done!

Tips or advice for your patient:   Significant delays can occur to their claims by WorkSafeBC if all reports are not submitted.   All criteria and details must match or issues can arise. 

  • Physicians reports

  • Employer report

  • Patient report

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