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BC - WCB - sending via Teleplan

submitting a claim as WCB for payment

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Claims that are the responsibility of WCB can be submitted via Teleplan electronically 

  • Add your new patient or pull up an existing one

  •  Create a new claim and if you select the drop down arrow from here - you can create the physician report Form 8/11.  [ for full details see creating physician report]

Enter claim details as you would normally.  

Towards the bottom of the screen you will see 3 tabs - MSP, ICBC and WCB.  Select WCB by clicking on it.  This will now provide a drop down menu as shown here for you to complete the relevant details that are needed for WCB claim submission.  

Mandatory Details - required for WCB submission: 

  • AOI - area of injury

  • NOI - nature of injury

  • DOI - date of injury

  • Location: - Right, Left, neither or both

  • WCB claim number - if known

Complete all details/criteria, finish and save your claim.

It's that easy!

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