Anesthesia Billing

Quick tips to bill for Anesthesia in BC.

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Add a Claim

After adding a patient, add a claim by tapping the New Claim link or + button (Android). Now select the Billing Code option and you'll be presented with a lookup tool which you can use to search by keyword or billing code. Lookup the surgical procedure.Β 

New Claim Form

Billing Code Lookup

If you search the surgical code you're performing the anesthesia for you will see the matching anesthetic level in blue. *(On Android devices you won't see the blue anesthetic level.). By tapping the Blue level the billing code will automatically convert from the surgical code to your anaesthetic equivalent.Β 

Additional Information

You'll need to add additional information about the claim including the Date of Service or any required notes for MSP. Toggle the switch to add 10% premium (01080) for cardiac cases, cases over 8 hours, or IABP. Note that by default your claims will have the ICD9 as 01Z and the location as 'Hospital Inpatient'.

Call Out and Continuing Care

To add these premiums to your claim simple toggle the Call Out and/or Cont. Care switches on the app then log the Call Time, Start Time & End Time and Dr. Bill will calculate the required premiums to add to the claim automatically.

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