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BC PHYSICIANS - WCB out of province

Electronically submitting an out of province claim

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If your patient is covered under another province or not at all but has a valid Worksafe claim then you can submit it electronically to WCB.  WCB has created a generic patient specifically for out of province or non-coveraged patients.

You can add a claim the same as you would normally, just bill it to the patient WCB, Hospital.

Patient:  WCB, Hospital   [pre-programed in Dr. Bill for convenience]
USE PHN: 9152 416 049
DOB: Dec 2, 2002
Last Name: WCB
First name: hospital claims

MANDATORY E-NOTE - Must include patients full name, date of birth and alternate provincial health care number.   Example:   Smith, John - 07jul1992 - ON PHN 012000 

Claim must be submitted to WCB and must include criteria:   When building a claim simply select WCB and drop down boxes will appear for the details to be added. 

If this is surgical fee code related a copy of the OR REPORT/CONSULT is required on file within 15 business days of surgery. 

MY BILLING TIP:  It is not enough to put cc: WCB at the end of your dictation.  Some hospitals are extremely behind and in order for your form fees to be paid, the consult must be received.  WCB will automatically shred reports that are received if they cannot match them to a claim.  

Your sent report should include at least 3 identifiers (Full Name, DOB, PHN and Claim Number).  Your dictated report should indicate that this is needed on expedited basis to comply with WCB regulations.  
Dictation:  CC: WCB expedite case no..   ,  and fax to WCB at 604-279-7590


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