BC Physicians Billing 00083

Crisis intervention

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00083 – Crisis intervention

Billable:Applies to situation when a physician is called to provide continuous medical assistance at the exclusion of other services in periods of personal or family crisis.

Fee Code: It is diagnostic code specific and applies in the following only and must be entered in the e-note.

  1. Rape  [DX: 10A]

  2. Sudden Bereavement [DX: V790]  Billed to survivor

  3. Suicidal Behavior [DX: 30920]

  4. Acute Psychosis  [DX:  293, or any 293-311 codes]

MANDATORY E-NOTE:   One of those reason must be detailed in the e-note.  Example.  "acute psychosis, patient extremely aggressive"  

RULE: not a stand along item must be billed with a visit, timing of the visit must precede the 00083

  1. Visit or counselling – is considered first ½ hour of care

  2. Consult/CPS – is considered the first 1 hour of care

CALL OUT/CCFPP - Yes, can be billed with this fee code. 

TIP: TIMING EXAMPLE:  Pt is assaulted distraught, time spend 1400-1600

13200 – enter times 1400-1430.

00083 – enter times 1430-1600, e-note: “1430-1600 – assaulted/alleged” 


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