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BC Physicians Billing Tips for 00081
BC Physicians Billing Tips for 00081

Active hands on life saving

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00081 - Billable for active hands on Life Saving Management only.


  1. When managing patients family·discussion with other health care professions·arranging transfers.   

  2. with Call out or continuing care n/a with critical care fee codes.

MANDATORY E-NOTE REQUIRED - must be concise and helpful if under 20 characters, for electronic ease of payment.  Note must  Indicate - what was the urgent issue and what action was performed.

Some examples -keep note short - 

Common reason for rejections: 

  1. Billable in 30 min blocks and to be paid for all blocks.  Each 30 mins must be detailed with what active hands on life saving action was being performed.   Often this will then transition into a 00082 for bedside monitoring..Billable with a visit/consult but the visit is considered the first 30mins, the 0081 is billable after that time period.

  2. Failing to bill correct units for work done

  3. Note providing enough details in e-note.  E-note Example.“1600-1630 – CPR, 1630-1700 Oxygen "

  4. Billing too many 00081, when the patient is stable then the timing begins for bedside care [00082]

TIP:  Be sure to calculate your units based on what is done.  

  1. Billing too many 00081, when the patient is no longer critical but has moved to unstable timing then begins for bedside care [00082]


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