Season's greetings! Dr. Bill for iOS v1.4.0 is now available on the App Store!

In this release, we have completely overhauled the claim editor form. It comes with several shiny, new features, including:

  • creating regular and WorksafeBC claims,

  • doctors in general practice, paediatrics, paediatric cardiology, and obstetrics can now bill children under their mother's PHN,

  • you can now specify units for certain billing codes.

Other Updates

  • [NEW] The app now detects and prevents duplicate claims that could be refused by MSP.

  • [NEW] "Continuing Care" becomes "Surgical Surcharge" when a surgical code is selected.

  • [NEW] Customer support conversations can now be initiated within the app. Tap 'Account' from the home screen and select 'Get Help'. 

  • [FIXED] A bug where patient search for patients with multi-part names and names with apostrophes would not work correctly.

  • [FIXED] A bug where billing items or diagnoses could be miscategorized or not categorized.

  • [FIXED] A bug where some claims would not appear correctly in recent claims.

  • [FIXED] A bug where some billing items starting with '0' were not shown correctly.

  • [FIXED] A bug where a cryptic error message would appear if you sent a group invitation to someone who was already part of that group or who has already been invited to a group.

  • + many more.

Happy billing!
– The iOS Team

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