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Assigned Inpatient Network - 14086 paid Quarterly $2100.00
Assigned Inpatient Network - 14086 paid Quarterly $2100.00

GPSC Assigned Inpatient physician bonus

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Requires: Network Registration/Application completed approved before eligible to bill

Billing tips:

*Obtaining approval can be a lengthy process and can take 8-12 weeks to become enrolled in the program.  
*Ensure that the registration form is dated so that it PREDATES any dates of service you wish billed.
*Back dated approval for quarterly's can be requested
*If you are billing this with Dr. Bill and have a payee# associated this must be indicated on the form or you claims will not be paid.


  1. Be a Family Physician in active practice in B.C.

  2. Have active hospital privileges

  3. Be associated and registered with a minimum of 3 other network members

  4. Co-operate with other members of the network so that one member is always available to care for patients of the assigned inpatient network.

  5. Each doctor must provide care to at least 24 admitted patients over the course of a year; networks may average this number across the number of members. 

FEE CODE: 14086
ASSIGNED, Inpatient  [pre-loaded in Dr. Bill]
780  [ICD 9]
Billing Dates:
 Quarterly, 1st day of the month
January 1st, April 1st, July 1st  & Oct 1st

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