Are you currently on a Self-Serve plan but would like assistance from one of our agents to manage some of your unpaid claims? No problem!

Step 1: From within an individual claim, you can "Request Full Service" which will let our agents know you would like their help in managing the claim. You will need to click this for each claim that you would like agent support. 

Step 2: Send us a message with any additional notes we may need or any questions you may have. 

If you are out of credits in your account, you will be prompted to buy more before you proceed.

Step 3: Add the number of claims you would like managed into the quantity box. These will not expire so if you anticipate needing more assistance on the next cycle, simply add a higher quantity. 

Go back into each claim that you would like assistance and follow Step 1. 

If you find that you are requesting assistance on a regular basis, you are able to upgrade your account at any time.

***Billing in Ontario? Want to know how to maximize your Ontario Billing? Check out our Ultimate OHIP Billing Guide.

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